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Sherilyn of Whole Promise is a nurse with expertise in fertility by day and as you can see, an incredibly gifted chef and food photographer. If you’re not inspired to make a healthy dish or seek out a healthy meal after reading/seeing this post, email me and we’ll have a chat! These photos make me want to ditch my plans for the day, find a farmers market and spend the day making a mess in my kitchen!

Q: Who inspires you to eat healthy foods? 

I loved learning that Sherilyn wakes VERY early on Saturday mornings to get the best picks at her local farmers market. 5:00am early. Her dedication to finding the best foods to nourish her family and create this gorgeous content is our gift to revel in today! The recipes featured here: cauliflower pizza crust, to strawberry + fennel juice (and her adorable son!), to chocolate coconut cupcakes, raw lime tarts and simple ways to make bok choy. I love the range and the way she captures food – it’s stunning and very much reminds me of the photos found on Food52 and 101 cookbooks. Enjoy the photos and stop by Sherilyn’s site for these recipes + more healthy, inspired eating.


Whole Promise Healthy Cupcakes

BokChoy Recipe | Whole Promise Food Blog

Lime-Tart Recipe | Whole Promise Food Blog

Baby-Eggplants Farmers Market | Whole Promise Food Blog

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  1. Definitely trying that cauliflower pizza base!

  2. Sharzad says:

    Always starving/motivated after reading your blog!

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh man….. another blog to feast on!

  4. Bill Dugger says:

    WoW!! Great pizza idea for my grandkids. Bill Dugger.

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