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Hi healthy & well lovelies! On Wednesday morning I devoured the last half of The Beauty Detox Solution. I’ve struggled with my skin in the last 4-5 months for a variety of reasons – stress levels, diet, travel and general life changes. My first impulse was to run to the dermatologist for a quick fix. But… the focus needed to be on the underlying problems – what’s stressing me out, what am I eating that I need to cut out? – those kind of questions.

This wasn’t simply for vanity reasons. As our largest organ, our skin is the first indicator that something may be brewing under the surface. Grabbing a quick fix medication that would mask the problem simply doesn’t cut it for this girl anymore. Especially since antibiotics (SCARY) are usually the prescription fix for acne-related problems. No thanks! Eating clean and healthy is a lifelong venture. And I have been reminded that falling off the wagon has its consequences after a fall filled with travel. So… without further ado, presenting one of my favorite fall eats for healthy skin!


The purchased ingredients: butternut squash (read about its benefits!), sage, red onions and garlic. From the pantry: an Israeli Couscous blend that contains lentils and red quinoa. The plan: to combine onions, garlic and quinoa in the couscous-quinoa blend while the butternut squash roasted. I did a quick search for recipes and one of my favorite sites, Eat Live Run, had a guest post starring a Butternut Squash and Sage Quinoa, created by Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking. Clean, seasonal eating made easy. The dish combines glowing-skin-foods approved by the Beauty Detox queen.


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My eating is about to be very easy in the coming weeks (yay!) as I sample the fall cleansing program from Paleta. Chef Kelly is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and she truly believes in the healing power of food (amen!). Her program has been featured and praised by celebs, national television programs and magazines like Marie Claire and Whole Living. Paleta’s delicious meal delivery service is available locally or you can buy the shopping list and meal prep plans. I love her program for the ease and simplicity. How much easier can it get than organic, portioned gourmet food showing up on your doorstep?

Paleta Organic Gourmet

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