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I am the luckiest girl in the world to be writing on the topic Self-Love & Kindness as part of Stratejoy’s ABC’s of SELF LOVE Blog Crawl + Treasure Hunt on VALENTINE’S DAY (say HOLLAH!! to Molly of Stratejoy and learn more about the Fierce LOVE course!)! I was a little daunted by the topic, even though this blog encompasses many ways to love yourself WELL in almost every blog post (see the Be YOURS! posts here, here and here!). Here we go… and I included pretty pictures, too!


I thought it would be a fun exercise to give myself a kindness grade, if you will. Would I get an “A-” or “C+” (or worse!) based on the number   acts of kindness I show myself in a day? I closed my eyes and began to recount the activities that comprise my day, quantifying the moments I take time to show myself kindness, love and compassion. I wake up, I move, I make myself tea, take time to reflect and get outside to breathe fresh air before touching my phone or computer. Throughout the day I make healthy choices to show my body and mind love by picking the stairs over the elevator, stretching, choosing a healthy lunch, making time for a workout in the evening. I give myself time to re-charge and be a supportive spouse, co-worker, friend, daughter and human being each day. These are obviously very personal acts of kindness for me and may not apply to you, but you begin to get the picture. What would your “grade” be if you assessed your day start to finish? Acts of kindness and self-love are comprised of the conscious choices we make throughout our day and our life.

I wasn’t always this kind to myself. There used to be days filled with unrealistic expectations, self-doubt and harsh inner monologues for ‘failing’ to be something I was never intended to be in this life. Growing older is pretty magical in the sense that you really stop giving a sh*t about what everyone else thinks and begin to love the amazing person that you are and all the gifts you bring to this world. That’s kindness and an incredible dose of self-love. When you feel internalize all those amazing things about yourself, it makes a world of difference in how you interact with the world around you. A big, big shift for a better you and a better world.

Celebrate you. Love you. Be kind to you. In the spirit of this Stratejoy blog crawl, I’ve borrowed images from the party superstars at Confetti System and paired photos with quotes that embody the spirit and love and kindness. Borrow and re-post, but remember to be kind on the internet, loves.




If you’re catching up or just joining the crawl, you’re not too late to join the party. Click on the letter + word to go to the other posts that have already been published as part of the crawl (A = Acceptance; B = Beauty; C = Celebration; D = Determination; E = Enough; F = Freedom; G = Growth; H = Honoring; I = Integrity; J = Joy…). Leave a comment if you enjoyed any of the posts you read – a simple “thank you for your post” completely rocks a blogger’s world – seriously! Show some love for all the hard work and LOVE these authors are putting into the Stratejoy blog crawl. And HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! wellness coach wellinla

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12 Responses to Dream Big: Stratejoy

  1. Jenn says:

    LOVE love love! I will be back to pin a couple of these quotables!

  2. I love the idea of going through and giving yourself a score for the day! Brilliant :)

  3. What a delicious post Erin!! So beautifully written and so very honest! LOVE

  4. Yvonne says:

    I like the Pinterest idea too :)

    As I have gotten older I realize that it’s actually more efficient to be kind to yourself. You just can’t keep running on empty. I woke up to realize that all the “self sacraficing” I was doing actually made me a worse parent, worse employee and worse human being. Now, I take time to breathe, stretch, get my heart pumping, get outside, enjoy simple beauty, laugh and love first and foremost.

  5. Catherine Beard says:

    Love this post. I try not to beat myself up for any mistakes I make anymore. I always have to tell myself that it happened for a reason, and I can learn from everything I do. I also remind myself that there is no one else like me and that is an amazing thing.

  6. Shira says:

    Love this. lots of new Pinterest pins – this is amazing, simple, and powerful!

    • erin m. says:

      Hi, Shira!

      Thank you so much for commenting and visiting! I love the premise of yours, as well. My goal this year is to simplify life. I’ll be reading! Cheers!

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