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Which city best personifies you? If I were a city, I would be San Francisco. I love the fresh open air, the hills, pedestrian-friendly streets, the perpetual view of the bay, the food, culture, history… ahhhh! We spent an all-too-brief weekend in the City by the Bay. Our first full day was spent hiking the oxygen-laden and dazzling Muir Woods. Refueling was necessary once we finished, a feat accomplished with locally-brewed beers and Chinese food. Our second and final day included breakfast at Boudin, a tour of The Rock, a delicious Dungeness crab lunch and an afternoon topped off with Caramel & Sea Salt Hot Chocolate drinks at Ghiradelli Square.

Question: What city best describes YOU? 

While Los Angeles is not quite my city in the sense San Francisco better suits my persona and interests, L.A. is replete with things to do, people to stare at see and an abundant amount of sunshine. It will always be the home to the heart of WELL, even if we traverse the world. WELL in Wellington (NZ)? WELL in London? All possibilities … No matter where I may be, the mission of WELL will continue – to share my journey and support you on your path to bring a little more wellness into your daily life.







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5 Responses to San Francisco-Style

  1. Danielle says:

    I love San Fran :) glad you enjoyed your time there. We never do know where life is going to take us next!

    • erin m. says:

      Danielle, love! Thank you for the comment! I went to The Purple Passport before visiting to track down a few restaurants while visiting! I cannot wait to see where life takes you next – you have such a wonderful road in front of you with all of your talents!

  2. Rachel says:

    Beautiful pictures, Erin! Wow! Sounds like a great time :). My family vacationed there when I was 15, so I would love to go back and see it again as a 27 year old :)

    I think Portland…or any small town in Maine…would best describe me, but austin is right up there!

  3. Loved this post Erin. You have such a beautiful way with pictures and words. I always look forward to reading Well in LA!

  4. Eryn says:

    I would LOVE to have you in this city. It’s an amazing place to dwell, grow, learn and discover. Either way, you always have a friend in San Francisco (with the same name to boot!) xo

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